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Q: How can I keep my family safe on camping trips?

Posted July 10, 2013 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: Camping can be an enjoyable experience for any family. But before you pack up for a trip in the wilderness, be sure to know what to pack and how to be prepared for you trip.

What about camp fires and your kids?
Before your camping trip begins, go over fire safety with your children. Make sure they know that fire can be dangerous.

When building your fire, first make sure you pick a good spot for your fire pit. Your fire pit should always be at least ten feet away from your tent or camper. If the fire pit is already in the camp site, place your tent or camper ten feet away.

When starting your camp fire, use small twigs, dry leaves and grass in the center of your fire pit to start the fire. Then add kindling using a crisscross pattern over the small twigs. This method is best for a long lasting fire. Here are some easy steps to starting a safe fire:
• Ignite small twigs and dry leaves with a match or lighter.
• Wait until the match is cold, and discard it in the fire.
• Add more small twigs as the fire grows.
• Blow lightly on the base of the fire.
• Add kindling and firewood to keep the fire going.
• Keep the fire small and under control.

Information submitted by Ronda Montgomery, Norwalk Family Physicians 801 Colonial Circle, 285-3200.

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