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Mothers and others

Posted July 10, 2013 in Community Featured, Clive
Faith Lutheran Church encourages moms to get together for the  Mothers and Others program.

Faith Lutheran Church encourages moms to get together for the Mothers and Others program.

Children love to play and socialize, but so do many of their mothers, which is precisely why Faith Lutheran Church is encouraging all area moms to come join the fun this year at its “Mothers and Others” program play dates.

Every Friday a group of around 12 – 15 mothers and their children will attend a 10 a.m. park play date throughout the summer, says church member Tania Schramm.

“I think we started it in the fall of 2009, so it has been almost four years,” Schramm says. “It’s nice, because it’s not so big that you can’t get to know people, but there are enough people that you can get some interesting conversation and discussion.”

The Mothers and Others program has events all year long to encourage friendships between new and veteran moms so they have someone to turn to when they need help, explains Schramm.

“Our annual chocolate breakfast is very well received; we usually have somewhere in the mid-20s (who attend the event). Everybody wants to come and have chocolate,” Schramm laughs.

The annual chocolate breakfast occurs each February. During the school year, the group keeps the activities going with Friday get-togethers twice a month.

“Most people start when their kids are in preschool,” Schramm explains. “It’s kind of a way for moms to get together and have some time and support each other.”

Schramm says the group has no membership fee and is open to anyone in or outside the church. She estimated about half of the current members belong to the church.

“One of the main reasons (Faith Lutheran Church) did this was for community outreach and to provide something for people outside of our church as well,” she says.

For group play date location and event information, call Faith Lutheran Church at 515-225-8334.

“It just helps you develop those friendships with other parents. Sometimes it’s hard to find people to talk about stuff that’s of concern to you and then just to have a little time away from the kiddos you know? It’s just really fun,” Schramm said.

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