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Meet Jenny Fisher

Posted July 10, 2013 in Community Featured, Greene County
Jenny Fisher works with the Paton-Churdan summer literacy program.

Jenny Fisher works with the Paton-Churdan summer literacy program.

This summer is all about reading for Jenny Fisher, who took time out of her day to talk about the summer literacy program in the Paton-Churdan Community School District.

“This summer program helps students learn what good readers do,” Fisher says. “That includes practices such as having a conversation with yourself when you are reading. Most people do that, but don’t even think about it.”

Fisher is the Greene County Schools media specialist during the school year, which means she is in charge of the libraries and associated technology and helping teachers learn that technology for all the schools in Greene County, including Paton-Churdan, which is still an independent school district.

“I’m at one school each week, but I have a lot of associates at each school who make sure everything is running smoothly every day, she says. “I also work with technology and teaching library skills to students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.”

This summer in the new program that works on literacy and provides lunch for the students, she’s teaching approximately  67 children in sixth through eighth grades Monday through Friday at the school in Churdan. Classes started June 10 and run through Aug. 2.

Also teaching in the program is Annie Smith, superintendant at Paton-Churdan. Fisher has students for a couple of hours to work on their reading by playing reading games applicable to their various grade levels. They also do a project based on a theme for the week. One week it was the moon and they made cookies to represent the phases of the moon. The reading they do while with Fisher also is relevant to the theme. Students each have an iPod to work on.

When the students move to Smith’s session, they are in the library where they do sustained reading by sitting quietly in a calm environment to read.

Reading is very important to Fisher, who moved with her family and her parents to Churdan from Las Vegas, Nev. She was working as a third grade teacher in Las Vegas while working on her master’s at the University of Las Vegas.

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