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Her fridge

Posted July 10, 2013 in Community Featured, Norwalk
Marcy Roff keeps a fridge full of healthy drinks in her garage.

Marcy Roff keeps a fridge full of healthy drinks in her garage.

Marcy Roff is a busy lady.  She grew up on the hustling, bustling south side of Des Moines and now finds herself in the more rural area of Norwalk, but that hasn’t slowed her down at all.

During the school year, she teaches sixth and eighth grade science at Norwalk Middle School, while also serving as the coach of the softball team in the summer. It doesn’t end there; she’s also a fitness instructor at Anytime Fitness. On top of all of that, Roff and her husband are parents to two young boys and a new 3-month-old fluffy white puppy named Poppie.

“He might jump on you,” she warns with a smile.

Poppie does his best to be ferocious while charging at passersby with his skull and crossbones collar, but his small frame and cuteness work against him.

With so much going on, one has to wonder how Roff does it and more importantly, where she gets the energy. The answer is Vemma’s Verve energy drink.  Roff not only lives by it, she also sells it. Being a firm believer in the product, it commands much of the space in the refrigerator in her family’s garage. The only competition Vemma has in the fridge is a bottle or two of champagne and orange juice, presumably for a nice summer mimosa during brunch.

Roff is a lifelong fitness lover and looks to keep her family active, too. Her garage has workout gear, bikes and softball training equipment. Roff started playing softball at age 8 and played all the way through college at Simpson.

“I was a pitcher my senior year at Simpson; we won nationals,” she says.

With her playing years behind she’s now an experienced and successful coach.

“I was a head college coach at Dana College in Blair, Neb., for seven seasons until they closed in 2010,” she remembers fondly.

While she was there the team won more than 200 games and went to nationals in 2008. With a lifelong passion for softball and knowledge of the game, Roff is sure to hit a grand slam with the Norwalk girl’s softball team this summer.

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