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Enjoying summertime, worry free

Posted July 10, 2013 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

Family vacations. Baseballs games. Pool days. Kid’s camps. Picnics. Those are all things that we look forward to in the summer. These things also take up time and take us away from our household chores. Mowing. Lawn care. Housekeeping. Running errands. Care giving. For many families these days, summer can turn into a stressful time, when the hopes are that it really could be a carefree, relaxing time.

By prioritizing and deciding to delegate and seek help, the summer can turn out to be the carefree time you had planned for during those cold, winter months. By realizing you cannot do it all yourself, you can research organizations that can provide the support you may be looking for. Perhaps hiring a housekeeping service for the summer or a lawn care provider would take some of those extra responsibilities off of your plate. You could even hire someone to run errands for you while you spend the day doing the more important things on your list, like being with your family and making summer memories. For those in the Sandwich Generation, taking care of your children and your parents, you can also find an organization to provide supportive care for your aging parents, should you need short term assistance with that as well.

None of us can do it all. Hiring some supportive assistance during the summer, can take off some pressure which will lead to the carefree summer you had planned for.

Information provided by Dawn Wirtz, program director at Home Remedies, 511 E. Sixth St. Des Moines, 515-243-7810,

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