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Summer safety tips

Posted July 08, 2013 in Community Blogs, Clive

Millions of adults and children end up in emergency rooms during the summer months for many reasons. Keep safety in mind during summer activities.
• Wear helmets and safety gear when bike riding, skateboarding, or riding scooters/ATV’s.
• Batting helmets and face guards should be considered for young athletes.
• Allow only one person at a time on trampolines and do not allow somersaults. Enclosure netting is advised.
• To prevent falls from windows, especially second floor or higher, install window guards, if you have small children.
• Keep children out of the yard when mowing. Mow across the slope when using a walk behind mower. When using a riding mower, drive up and down the hill.
• Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Stay hydrated!!

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