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All Blank Park Zoo Wallabies are Safely Back in Exhibit Areas

Posted July 08, 2013 in Web Exclusives

Des Moines (July 8, 2013) – Four Blank Park Zoo male wallabies left their habitat last night through an open gate after Zoo hours. While the wallabies left their evening holding and exhibit areas, they never left the perimeter of the Zoo. Three of the four wallabies were safely returned to their evening quarters within two hours of Zoo officials becoming aware of the incident. One wallaby remained outside of the exhibit area, but within the zoo’s perimeter for the evening because it became too dark to search for the animal. The search resumed early in the morning and the animal was returned to his holding area by 7:30 a.m.

Blank Park Zoo manages its Australian wallaby exhibit as a walk through exhibit, meaning there is no barrier between the public and the wallabies, so there was never any danger to the public by the escape. Dangerous animals, such as lions, tigers and snow leopards are managed in a more secure manner and cannot exit their exhibits or holdings through a single gate or door.

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