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Looking Back

Posted July 03, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured

100 years ago: “Board Proceedings: Board of Supervisors of Dallas County, Iowa met pursuant to adjournment. Members present: E.D. Blackman, Chairman, R. H. De Laond and R. H. Clark. The 1st quarter report of M. T. Findley, County Auditor showing $141.50 fee collected and paid to Treasurer. Examined and approved.”
Advertisement: “Don’t forget that we are headquarters for all kinds of shoes! Edward Van Cleve – A new lot of Velvet Pumps at $2.50 that are very popular now. Rubber boots at $3.75. They are guaranteed.”

75 years ago: “Who Is Iowa’s Redhead Queen? A state wide contest to choose Iowa’s “Queen of the Redheads” at the 1938 State Fair with Susan Hayward, glamorous redhead movie star to head the committee of judges, was announced here today by the exposition officials.”
Advertisement: “A. W. Heynen – No Approvals – No Returns – All Sales Final! Ladies Wash Dresses – 49 cents; Girls Play Suits – 39 cents; Ladies Silk Hose – 29 cents; Ladies Bathing Suits – $1.00; Boys Jumperalls – 69 cents.”

50 years ago: “Big Adel Smorgasbord Coming: Watch For It! The Adel businessmen will stage a big Town-wide Smorgasbord July 20 to which they extend an invitation to all. There’ll be all kinds of “Free Food” served by the business people. Watch next week’s paper for details!”
Advertisement: “Bernadine‘s Fashions: Cotton Twill shorts – 2 pr./$2.99; Girdles – Buy one at regular price-get another for 1 cents; Blouses 2/$4.99; Girl’s dresses were $7.99 – now $4.77; slips were 5.98 – now $4.98. All straw purses – ½ price.”

25 years ago: “The baritones have been singing ‘America the Beautiful’ their way for 82 years, but the anthem that traditionally opens meetings of the Adel Rotary Club may soon include the sweet sound of the soprano. About half a dozen women have been invited to attend the regular Thursday noon meetings.”
Advertisement: “CD Rates for the Serious  Investor: 1 year maturity 7.15%; 2 year maturity 7.65%; 4 year maturity 8%; 5 year maturity 8.35%; 7 year maturity 8.65% – Shearson Lehman Brothers.”

Some interesting facts about Adel
In 1846 our county was organized. The first settler in Adel Township was Samuel Miller, who settled in what became known as the Miller Settlement. It was a short distance east of where Adel was later built. There is a stone monument on the north side of Highway 6 marking the settlement, and the Miller cemetery is on the south side of the highway. There the first sheriff of Adel, Jesse K. Miller, is buried. Samuel Miller built his log cabin during the winter of 1847-48 and used it for the first schoolhouse in Dallas County.

Museum moments
The museum is now open on Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. If you wish to visit during the week, please call 993-1032 to schedule a time to tour. If you have already visited the museum, come back again, as we have new donations arriving regularly We have many pictures of Nile Kinnick to view and a DVD of actual footage of Nile playing football at Iowa in 1939 and Nile giving his Heisman speech. Many thanks to Rickie Varcoe for weeding the museum gardens.

Information provided by Adel Historical Museum.

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