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Lessons from a life coach

Posted July 03, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston

165507575If you want to excel, get a life coach. In our society, having a life coach has become a priority for successful people. There are a lot of websites and information available today for finding a good life coach.

Coaches guide clients to approach and achieve personal and professional goals. They encourage a person to seek growth and embrace self-confidence.

As a Christian, I believe that faith is a significant factor in both healing and success. I believe that through Christ we can be restored and we can overcome; we can be healed and we can succeed. I don’t believe that we can ever fully disconnect the two. It seems like we are simultaneously struggling to survive tough issues and to become all we can be.

The book of Timothy was written by the Apostle Paul to a young friend he was mentoring. He hoped that it would be shared with the Ephesian churches as a means of teaching and guiding their faith and lives. In essence. Paul was a life coach, providing wisdom and insight for how to live and succeed.

In our July sermon series we focus on the book of Timothy and the lessons we can apply to our life today in a relevant and effective means of empowering each person to build upon his or her individual strengths and achieve personal, professional and spiritual goals.  Join us for a worship service and start taking steps toward success. Our weekly themes are: Be Strong, Be Centered, Be Nourished and Be Whole.

If you want to start your kids on a path to success, you may want to check out our two vacation Bible school events in July:

Backstage with the Bible with Go Fish:
• July 10 – 11, 6 – 8 p.m. at the Johnston Commons in the Barn.
July 13, 4 – 6 p.m. at Beaver Creek Elementary’
Everywhere Fun Fair:
• July 14 – 18 5:30 – 8 p.m. at New Hope United Methodist Church, 4525 Beaver Ave.

New Hope United Methodist Church
Pastor Neil H. Cross
278-2097 • 4525 Beaver Ave.
Worship services:
Sunday, 8:30 a.m.: Traditional
9:30 a.m.: Contemporary
10:45 a.m.: Traditional
Saturday worship:
5 p.m.: Casual service
Beaver Creek Elementary,
8701 Lyndhurst Drive

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