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Calling to Rome

Posted July 03, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured
Trevor Chicoine is supported by St. John’s Parish as he travels to Rome for education.

Trevor Chicoine is supported by St. John’s Parish as he travels to Rome for education.

On July 14 St. John’s Parish will send many blessings with Trevor Chicoine, the church’s “adopted” seminarian, as he travels to Italy to continue his path to priesthood.

Chicoine, 21, grew up in St. Mary’s, where he attended the Immaculate Conception Parish. It was at this church where he had his first meeting with Fr. Wayne Gubbels, who Chicoine says is one of the pastors who first sparked his interest in priesthood at a young age. Fr. Gubbels, who is now the pastor of St. John’s Parish, is the reason Chicoine became associated with Adel’s Catholic church.

Because the parish did not have a young seminarian to call its own, the history between Fr. Gubbels and Chicoine offered a fine solution.

“St. Johns has ‘adopted’ me as their seminarian to sponsor and support through prayer,” says Chicoine.

As a seminarian at the Diocese of Des Moines, Chicoine began his journey by completing his undergraduate studies through St. Pius X Seminary at Loras College in Dubuque. The Bishop of the Diocese then informed the young pupil of the next step in his theological education — to attend the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy.

So that’s what he will do. Chicoine will spend the majority of the next four years in Rome, only coming back to the states every so often. In addition to his coursework, he will be attending seminary to fulfill the formation program. Formation includes the completion of four pillars: intellectual, spiritual, human and pastoral. According to the Pontifical North American College, each of these is intended to challenge seminarians to “recognize their personal responsibility to become more perfectly conformed to the humanity of Jesus Christ.”

“Trevor comes from a wonderful family and is a very intelligent and gifted young man,” expressed Gubbels. “Although he will be missed by many, members of St. John’s are invited to keep in touch with their seminarian through cards, notes and care packages until he returns from this new chapter in his life.”

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