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Traveling with your dog

Posted June 19, 2013 in Advice Column, Downtown

June is a time of year when many people venture out for summer vacations. It can be a fun experience taking your pet on a road trip if you are prepared and plan ahead.

Here are some tips to avoid a “ruff” ride for your dog:
• Make sure your dog has a durable collar and leash along with updated Identification tags. Another option is to have your dog microchipped.  Microchipping is a permanent form of identification where a microchip is placed under the dog’s skin and can be scanned to identify dog and owner information.
• Do not allow pets to ride in the front seat. Your dog can be thrown into the windshield during an abrupt stop or worse, be thrown through into a driver or passenger during a collision.
• Put your dog in the back seat of the car or in a crate if possible. There are many products that allow you to safely and comfortably secure your dog in the vehicle. There are dog seatbelts, booster seats and pet barriers to name a few.
• Always make sure you have your dog secured when getting in and out of the vehicle. Have a collar and leash in place tightly enough that your dog will not slip it while loading and unloading.
• Plan ahead for lodging for your dog. Many hotels are pet friendly but might have size or breed restrictions.

Following these simple steps will allow the entire family to enjoy vacation this year with Fido in tow.

Information provided by Carrie Bonnett, owner, Downtown Doggy Daycare, 724 Scott St, Des Moines, 288-0957.

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