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The family squirrel

Posted June 19, 2013 in Ankeny, Community Featured
Sarah and Ryan Lynch with children Cami and Brady and Clarisse the squirrel.

Sarah and Ryan Lynch with children Cami and Brady and Clarisse the squirrel.

They’re finally here. After a brief interlude, the elusive fourth couple from the same neighborhood as the February, March and April couples is here.

Ryan and Sarah Lynch are the fourth family in a group of as many to move into the new and happening neighborhood together and are the final piece of the puzzle.

While the Lynch’s garage is filled with all the typical garb, such as the Iowa Hawkeye memorabilia littering the walls or the shelves stacked with boxes, one not-so-typical item is the mounted squirrel perched on top of a television on top of a refrigerator. As it turns out the squirrel has a name — Clarisse — and a story.

Clarisse is posed in a jumping motion, as if she just made eye contact with a human and has decided to flee up a tree to safety.  This is likely the exact scenario in which Clarisse met her demise; she was, after all, a real squirrel that was shot, killed and stuffed by Ryan’s great-grandpa almost a century ago on a farm in northern Iowa. Flip Clarisse over, and the underside of the base reads “Shot by Grandpa Walter Krause in 1916,” written in a careful handwriting.

Ryan remembers growing up and playing with the squirrel at his grandma’s house. When the day finally came that Grandma was ready to pass the squirrel down to her grandchildren, he was happy to take it, and the other cousins were happy to let him have it. Since then Clarisse has been through exactly six moves, coming out almost unscathed. She used to have a nut in her mouth — no one remembers when exactly it disappeared — but apart from the missing nut, Clarisse remains in excellent shape. Ryan hopes to pass the squirrel down to his 8-year-old son, Brady, some day. This is a prospect that Brady is currently less than thrilled about. His 7-year-old sister, Cami, shares this sentiment.

While the two Lynch children don’t have quite the enthusiasm for Clarisse as their parents do, perhaps one day they will come to appreciate this quirky piece of family history. Until then, Clarisse resides here, adding an element of interest to an otherwise neat and tidy suburban garage.

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