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Historic house

Posted June 19, 2013 in Community Featured, Winterset
Tom and Cindy Frank’s home on West Court was filmed for the movie “Cold Turkey” in 1971.

Tom and Cindy Frank’s home on West Court was filmed for the movie “Cold Turkey” in 1971.

Every morning, Tom and Cindy Frank wake up in their 702 W. Court home to two stunning stained glass windows. These windows, which depict vases of flowers, are original to their 1893 Victorian home.  They shed beautiful light up the grand staircase and into the second story.

Tom was raised in this home by his parents, Dale and Esther Frank.  In 2001, he and Cindy returned to Winterset.  Fortunately for them, Dale and Esther were ready to downsize.  So they took up residence in his childhood home.

This home greets everyone with a large wrap-around porch flocked with bridal wreath.  Upon entering, the first view of the grand turning staircase boasts the stunning windows. Just around the corner from the front door is what Tom and Cindy call the cozy corner. It was originally built into the house as a place for dating couples to have privacy while still in the vision of the rest of the family.

This house has a very large history. It was used for filming in the 1971 movie “Cold Turkey” and was featured in The Iowan  magazine in 1991. The velvet drapes and wallpaper from the movie still decorate the living room where Tom and Cindy spend the majority of their time when home. Just off of the living room is a small room they nicknamed the “Up North” room. It showcases memories from 50 years of trips with family to Minnesota.

tomcindyfrankFires have twice threatened to destroy this home. One of these happened during Tom’s childhood. His dad labored many hours restoring the oak and cherry woodwork to the beauty it is today. And Tom tells of his mom and dad spending hours piecing together from memory the cozy corner lattice work which was destroyed by the firemen’s ladder as they entered the house.

The small eat-in kitchen still has the servant’s bells on the wall directing the servants to which door they should answer. And the dining room is the back drop for pictures of Tom’s great-great grandparents. The carriage house, outdoor fireplace and Cindy’s gardens complete the beauty of this historic home.

Cindy enjoys quilting and gardening, while Tom enjoys boating and golfing. They both work locally and have three grown children and almost three grandchildren.

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