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Maintaining your lawn

Posted June 12, 2013 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

The snow has finally stopped falling (in May, that is), the rain is falling now, and our grass is green and growing and growing. Owning a home is a wonderful experience in life, but we all know there are ups and downs.

There may be times in your life when the “simple” task of taking care of your lawn may be more than you can handle, and soon it becomes a stressor, as you are not entirely sure how to handle it any more. At any time in life, we may acquire a physical limitation that makes mowing and trimming your yard not possible any more. Or you may have scheduled a long summer vacation away from home, and you know your lawn cannot go weeks without care. Or you may have your 40-plus-hour work week plus a whole weekend watching the kids in baseball tournaments and no time for lawn care then, either.

If you’re not fortunate to have a neighbor who willingly takes over your lawn care for you, there are affordable companies out there that would be able to take this chore off your plate, and then that’s one less thing to stress about. You can then go on that vacation or to the ball park or put your feet up and watch through the window, without having to worry about your lawn not being taken care of.

Information provided by Dawn Wirtz, program director at Home Remedies, 511 E. Sixth St. Des Moines, 515-243-7810,

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