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Final Blog 2012-2013 School Year

Posted May 28, 2013 in Community Blogs, Urbandale

Over the past school year I have had the opportunity to author 20 blogs for the Urbandale Living online magazine.  I have appreciated this opportunity to communicate with the public about issues I believe to be of great importance to our district and students.  As I have written more than once, education is at a crossroads and we need to make a decision to move forward or to remain in the past.  As superintendent I choose to move forward so that we can better serve and prepare our students for an ever-changing future.  Please know we do not “experiment” on children.  Rather, we examine where improvements need to be made and then put plans into place to make those improvements.  Fundamentally, we are working to transform education in Urbandale to improve learning and increase engagement by students.

The point of this blog is a simple yet profound “thank you” to all of the families who entrusted their children to us over the course of 180 days.  As a parent I know that we entrust to schools that which is most precious to us – our children.  As a district we take this trust as a solemn opportunity to work with all students in a manner rooted in respect and caring.  We work to help each student on his or her learning journey that will provide them the content they need to know as well as learning how to learn.  The ability to learn and adapt is one of the most important skills we can pass on to our children.

Our vision in the Urbandale Community School District is “ to be a district that brings learning to life for everyone.”  I remain steadfastly committed to this vision, for I believe it inspires all of us to make this district an extraordinary place of learning for everyone.

Again, my thanks to parents, families, and the community for your trust in and support of the Urbandale Community School District.

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