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Chandler’s Jewelry Store served Boone

Posted May 22, 2013 in Community Featured, Boone
Edmond E. Chandler purchased E.K. Shaw’s jewelry store in Boone in 1869 and retired in 1929.

Edmond E. Chandler purchased E.K. Shaw’s jewelry store in Boone in 1869 and retired in 1929.

In 1964 Chandler’s Jewelry Store closed its doors. It had been in operation for almost 100 years. Edmond. E. Chandler, a native of New Hampshire, purchased the business in 1869 for $1,000 from E. K. Shaw, a Boone jeweler who wished to move to Florida.

In 1865 Chandler left New Hampshire for Illinois, joining an older brother who had opened a jewelry store in Rockford.  Chandler stayed with his brother for four years, learning the business. By 1869 he was ready to strike out on his own. In August of 1869, he received a letter from Shaw, who suggested to Chandler that he buy Shaw’s Boone jewelry and watch business, so later that month, Chandler set out by train for Boone.

“I arrived here [Boone] at 1 a.m. Sept. 1, 1869. I intended to go to Des Moines and Fort Dodge before deciding where to locate, but Iowa mud made the decision. It had been raining most of the month of August. In the morning when I came out of the hotel I found the stage that ran between Des Moines and Fort Dodge mired in the street under a large cottonwood tree, one of two that had been left standing on Story Street between Eighth and Ninth…

“I called on Mr. Shaw, telling him I had only enough railway-fare to Des Moines, Fort Dodge and back to Rockford. He insisted on taking an invoice of his stock, then talking terms… In all it amounted to $1,000. I found from his books that he averaged over $160 per month for watch repairing and other work.

“As I was stranded, with no way to get to Des Moines or Fort Dodge — only by walking — I made him this offer. Of the $50 I had with me, I offered him $35 cash and my note, one for $65 due Oct. 1st, and nine notes for $100 each, due the first of each and every month thereafter, until the $1,000 was paid.

“He accepted my offer at once. I made out my notes and gave them to him with the $35 cash and the store was mine.”  Chandler retired in 1929 and died the following year.

Chandler sold pianos and other musical instruments in addition to music, clocks, watches, jewelry and gift items. The store was first located on the east side of Story Street, one store from the southeast corner of Story and Eighth Street.  Later it was located at 906 Eighth St., east of the corner of Eighth and Story. When it closed, the store was still at the same — although expanded — location.

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