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Bettering lives

Posted May 15, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
David Fish helps people he know and loves with projects they need done.

David Fish helps people he know and loves with projects they need done.

One might guess that after two generations of interest in the carpentry and woodworking business, you might say that it “runs in the family.” Not so fast, cautions Dave Fish.

“I’ve had an interest in woodworking ever since I can remember,” comments Fish. “My dad did it as a hobby, and it’s always been my profession, and now I own my own business, Fishaus, but it’s funny because my son never took an interest in it until he just recently bought a home and has a use for it.”

In fact, Fish has recently dedicated a lot of time (and miles) to working on a remodel and attachment on his son’s house, which is located in Dallas, Texas.

“We’ve tried to do most of the remodeling portion ourselves,” explains Fish. “The main thing so far has been renovating the kitchen. We took the old one out, and we’ve put a lot of new things in, including cabinets. I kind of designed what we wanted done and have been working on it ever since.”

“When I have time off from homes that I work on through my business, I have unlimited opportunities to help people that I know and love with projects that they need done,” Fish explains. “This has definitely included my son and his endeavors. My wife, Julia, and I go down there several times a year for a couple days or weeks sometimes. I load up my truck with some tools and head down; it gives me something to do, and I feel like I’m helping him and my knowledge is appreciated.”

The tools that Fish so fondly speaks of are located in the unattached garage in his backyard, which also provides a workspace for the multitudes of other pieces that he creates for the custom homes he has been building now for more than 10 years.

“I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business and got started on my own in an interesting and unfortunate situation when a friend of mine’s house burned down. I was able to point him in the direction for architects to design his new home, and I built it. That’s how it all got started.”

Although Fish has turned Fishaus into a multi-functional homebuilding business, his most proud moments come when he feels like he is really helping other people.

Fish beams. “It’s very satisfying to think that you’re bettering lives in a way that’s going to last a long time, possibly even generations.”

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