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Urbandale Schools Launch Innovative And Inspiring Quality Showcase

Posted May 08, 2013 in Community Web Exclusives, Urbandale

URBANDALE, Iowa – May 7, 2013 – In a steadfast quest toward transforming education, the Urbandale Community School District launched the Quality/Continual Improvement (Q/CI) Showcase; a new section on the district Web site. The purpose of the Showcase is to share Urbandale’s unique perspective for redesigning learning environments that increase engagement, improve achievement, encourage collaboration, and ignite a renewed passion for learning throughout the district. The Showcase features students, parents, teachers, principals, and business leaders sharing their stories about what it means to be a part of a system that is built on the foundation of continual improvement.

“The Quality Showcase is a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm we share as a district in our pursuit of continual improvement,” said Dr. Doug Stilwell, Superintendent, Urbandale Community School District. “Having parents and staff share their thoughts about the profound impact Urbandale schools are having on student learning is incredibly meaningful. The Showcase is another way we continue to communicate to all our stakeholders about where we are heading, why we are heading there, and the methods for doing so.”


In 2010, Urbandale began assessing innovative, proven, and sustainable methods for transforming education in order to better align with the Urbandale vision of being a school district that brings learning to life for everyone. The district determined that a focus on Q/CI throughout the system was the most effective path for transformation. Q/CI is a tactical philosophy that integrates data-based tools in order to increase learning and continually improve the system.

By incorporating Quality tools and practices in their classrooms and buildings, a renewed passion for education and learning has been noticed among Urbandale staff. Having a clear sense of purpose and direction throughout the district serves to deepen engagement and increase effectiveness of principals and teachers. This greater level of engagement leads to more involved and inspired students, which results in greater student achievement and success.

The Q/CI Showcase is a celebration of Urbandale’s collective learning and ongoing pursuit of relevant, meaningful, and inspired learning environments. The Urbandale team will continue providing quality learning opportunities, collecting and assessing data, measuring and analyzing results to determine effectiveness, and refining quality tools and tactics to continually improve the system. The Showcase is more than just another section on the district site; it’s the first chapter in the Urbandale story – a story with an aim toward transforming education. To learn more about the Q/CI Showcase, visit: http://showcase.urbandaleschools.com/

About Urbandale Community School District
The Urbandale Community School District includes portions of Des Moines and Urbandale, Iowa. The district serves over 4,000 students in six elementary schools, one middle school, and one comprehensive high school. The Urbandale district supports an increasingly diverse student population where 50 languages are spoken. Building on the existing foundation of excellence in education, Urbandale is transforming education throughout the district. By implementing innovative Quality/Continual Improvement tools and tactics that create learning environments that more fully engage, challenge, and motivate students, Urbandale is taking transformation from theory into practice. Urbandale prepares students for becoming life-long learners and is a school district that brings learning to life for everyone. To learn more, visit: www.urbandaleschools.com

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