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Pillowcase Pattern

Posted May 08, 2013 in Advice Column, Greene County

Pillowcases are easy and fun to make as you’ll see by the pattern included here. Kids love their own personalized or fun pillowcase. Pillowcases make great gifts for newly weds or for anniversary gifts. Make one in cozy flannel for a friend recovering from an illness. There are so many bright and beautiful prints that make great pillowcases. Choose fabrics that are 100 percent cotton and 43/44” wide. You will need 3/4 yard for the body of the pillowcase and 1/4 yard for the band. You can also add a trim band with a 2 ½”contrast strip of fabric.

The method I’ll be describing here is often referred to as the sausage roll, hot dog or burrito method. It results in a pillowcase with no exposed seams so the seams will never ravel when it is washed. Start by unfolding your fabric and pressing out the fold lines. If using the trim piece, press it in half lengthwise. Lay the body of the pillowcase right side up on a flat surface. Lay the pressed trim piece on top of the body piece reaching from selvedge to selvedge. Lay the band piece on top of these two with right side facing down. You have a sandwich of the body, the trim, and the band. Baste these pieces together using a scant 1/4” seam.


Do not worry if the selvedge edges are uneven as you will trim them later. The next step is to roll the body of the pillowcase toward the band so that the unattached side of the band can be wrapped around it, forming a tube. Pin this last raw edge to your previous basted seam and sew again. Be careful not to catch in the rolled portion of the pillowcase body. Pull the pillowcase out of either end of the tube, and you will have an attached band with no raw edges on either side. Press the band, then trim each selvedge edge so all fabrics are even.

Picture 2The last step is to fold the pillow case in half and sew the side and bottom edges with a French seam. Fold the pillowcase so the wrong sides are together and sew a scant 1/4” seam on the outside of the pillowcase. Press the seam, then turn the pillowcase inside out (right sides together) and sew a second seam at 3/8”. This second seam will enclose the first seam so no raw edges remain.

Please consider making a pillow case to donate to an organization that provides them to children who are experiencing illness or abuse. Two such organizations can be reached at and Many local quilt shops are drop off stations for donated pillowcases.

Information provided by Suzanne Sievers, The Stitch, 217 E. Lincolnway, Jefferson, 515-386-2014.

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