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Turn your home back into a house

Posted May 01, 2013 in Advice Column, Perry

Putting your home on the market is only a small step in the overall process of selling your home. You need to help your home sell itself. By taking a few simple steps and focusing on improving a couple important areas, your house will have a better chance of selling.

Curb appeal. The first thing buyers will see as they drive by or pull up to your house. Clean up the yard by mowing, clearing brush and weeds, and pruning shrubs and trees. Add some plants, flowers and fresh dark mulch to the front yard. Clean your siding and driveway by power washing. A fresh coat of paint may be necessary if there is peeling or chipping. Use accent lighting, especially in winter, by highlighting trees and features of your house.

Entryway. This will be the first impression buyers get of the inside of your house. Go through the process on your own by walking in the front door. Take notes of what looks good and what can be improved.

Kitchen. Here you will want to update knobs, switch plates and outlets. Clean the stove and fridge. Set the dining room table with placemats, settings and candles. Also clear counters, but put out some cookbooks to help buyers imagine themselves in the space.

Bedrooms and bath. Vacuum the vents and registers. Clean or replace fixtures.

Living areas. De-clutter by removing large, bulky furniture.  Eliminate odors with hidden air fresheners. Hang art or pictures on the wall, but not pictures of your family. Remember, you want buyers to imagine themselves in the house. Put out a book, eye glasses and reading light.

Backyard. Make sure the backyard is mowed, with brush, garbage and toys picked up. Consider some of the ideas from the curb appeal section to implement here as well.

These are a few ideas that should help your home sell itself.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And since most people starting looking for homes online, make sure there are plenty of photos and they are of high quality on Internet sites such as

Remember, once you put your home on the market, you should make it feel like a hotel. Buyers don’t want to see all the great times you’ve had in your house, they want to imagine and dream about all the memories they will be able to make in your house.

For specific ideas on showing your home, give the experts at Nevitt Real Estate a call.

Information provided by Adam Van Lin, Nevitt Real Estate, 702 First Ave., Perry, (515) 465-2200.

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