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Posted May 01, 2013 in Community Featured, Urbandale
Jason Degraff’s two-story town home is perfect for his laid-back bachelor lifestyle.

Jason Degraff’s two-story town home is perfect for his laid-back bachelor lifestyle.

The only thing more relaxed than Jason Degraff is his two-story Urbandale town home.

Built in 2000, the home has a spacious patio in front where a large grill nestles in the corner for those warm summer nights. Inside, a large, overstuffed couch sets on one side of the living room and faces a huge entertainment center atop a electric fireplace.

“It’s comfortable for me; just has the basics but it works,” says Degraff.

The basics is all this town home needs with its beautiful woodwork and large kitchen area. Behind the kitchen table is a giant mirrored wall which opens the space and seems to make the room even bigger. Up the carpeted stairs that greet visitors at the door, one can spy a workout bench and a lounge area.

“It has the bachelor pad vibe, just the basic necessities,” Degraff says.

When looking for a place to call his own in 2005, he found this home fit the bill.

“It was in my price range for a first-time home, and it is close to work,” he says. Luckily, a friend of his owned the home before he started looking and was in the market to sell.

The distance from work is not the only reason Degraff says he choose his neighborhood.

“It’s pretty close to everything and is only a few minutes away from anything singles or families may be looking for,” he says.

Clearly comfortable and happy in his home, he has certainly added personal touches, albeit small and few. There are pictures of friends and family hanging from his fridge and sitting on top of widow ledges.

Degraff has been slowly making the place his own with a few fixes and changes here and there.

“I replaced the garbage disposal; pretty proud of myself on that one,” he says. He also plans to change out the carpet in the coming years to suit his style.

Degraff is an avid golfer, and golf balls lie on top of the kitchen table, along with unopened mail waiting to be attended to. With little personal touches, this minimalist home feels cozy and lived in —  perfect for a laid-back bachelor.

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