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Pleasant Living

Posted April 17, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Dora Ward has gathered many pleasant memories in her home on Del Matro Ave.

Dora Ward has gathered many pleasant memories in her home on Del Matro Ave.

Windsor Heights’ Del Matro Avenue is full of characteristic homes, and Dora Ward has lived in one of them since 1959.

It’s very charming as you walk in. The kitchen is straight ahead. Painted a sage green color, it sparkles with a clean look and feel. The front living room is to the left. It’s well decorated, organized and inviting.

The kitchen and living room are marvelous, but not as much as the sparkle of Ward’s eye when it comes to her favorite spot in the 1952 home. She recently added a 20×40-foot family room in the back of the house.

“This is so nice,” she smiles. Its windows are large and look to the backyard. The patio doors allow even more light into the room painted a soft yellow. Her piano sits along one full wall. She loves to play for fun and enjoys classical, popular 1940s music and anything upbeat when her grandchildren visit.

Her desk and computer take up another full wall. There are new executive-looking hanging cupboards.

A lone framed picture hangs on the back wall. Ward explains that the contractor who redid her breezeway found this tile picture in the floor during demolition. An antique junkie, he tore it out piece by piece and glued it back together. Now, good as new, this tile picture of a southwestern rancher sitting by his wheelbarrow and cactus is nicely framed with old boards he found in Ward’s basement. The glass is a window from her kitchen.

On the outside, Ward is attempting the maintenance-free lifestyle. She has recently resided the entire house and added all new windows.

Not a huge entertainer throughout the year, Ward did host a few parties to show off the new parts of her home. And rightly so. It’s fresh, spotless and spacious.

As Ward speaks of the history of her home and all that has changed, she recalls its builders. The Troutman brothers built several homes at the same time many of the Colby bricks were going up.

“They named this entire street Del Matro, after their mother, Della Mae Troutman,” she says.

Ward has fond memories of this home and her three boys who all attended Cowles Elementary. She now lists her neighbors and the safety of the area as things that contribute to her pleasant living.

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