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Meet Mindy Schoop

Posted April 17, 2013 in Community Featured, Grimes
Mindy Schoop with students Jackson  Kaune and Makenna Odegaard.

Mindy Schoop with students Jackson Kaune and Makenna Odegaard.

Mindy Schoop grew up next door in Johnston. She attended Dana College in Blair, Neb., on a softball and academic scholarship and earned her degree in elementary education. She is just four classes away from earning her master’s degree in arts of education from Viterbo University.

“Becoming a teacher is something I dreamed of as a little girl,” Schoop says. “It’s something I can see myself doing as long as I can.”

She began her teaching career at Nodaway Valley where she taught preschool and kindergarten for two years. She is now teaching second grade at South Prairie Elementary School in Grimes.

“I really enjoy teaching the second graders,” she says. “I believe my favorite part of the school day is the morning when the kids come in with smiles on their faces saying ‘Good morning.’ ”

Schoop enjoys teaching math to her students, as it has always been her favorite subject..

“Currently we are working on time and money,” she says. The students have a hands-on kind of learning using and identifying different coins and their values. For instance, they are asked “If you have two quarters and a dime, would you have enough to buy an item for 75 cents?”

“I suggest to parents that they take their kids along when they go into a store, give them a certain amount of money and let them buy something,” Schoop says. “They should recognize the coins they would be getting back.”

In the time session, the students are learning to tell time on both analog and digital clocks. They learn to tell time in five-minute increments.

“The students each have a miniature clock to work with,” Schoop says. “They learn to read analog and write in digital. I think it is important to be able to read analog.”

Schoop doesn’t like to see students struggling with a concept.

“I’ll do anything I can to help the student get the information they need to know,” she says. “Seeing the excitement on their faces and their eyes light up when they understand  a concept they didn’t before is a beautiful thing.”

Schoop says working at DC-G is her dream job.

“We have an awesome team of other second grade teachers, and a wonderful principal to work with,” she says.

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