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An old friend

Posted April 17, 2013 in Community Featured, Downtown
Spaghetti with a meatball and fettuccine alfredo in a pick-two combo at The Old Spaghetti Works.

Spaghetti with a meatball and fettuccine alfredo in a pick-two combo at The Old Spaghetti Works.

It was lunchtime, and I was craving carbohydrates. I was wondering where to satisfy my pasta urge when I remembered a reliable old friend — The Old Spaghetti Works.

As I made my way to Court Avenue, it occurred to me just how long the Spaghetti Works has been in business. I’ve been there with boyfriends, and that’s been multiple decades ago. It was back when I’d get a giggle ordering my spaghetti “hot and naked.” Good times.

I was welcomed into the restaurant with a “C’mon, kiddo!” from a jolly gentleman seating customers. The building is a refurbished hat factory and features floor to ceiling windows that offer a good view of the district.

Spaghetti Works offers sandwiches, pizza, chicken or pasta dishes, naturally, or you can get creative. You can choose from six kinds of noodles, 12 kinds of sauce and 12 different toppers. I’m sure there is a mathematical formula to compute how many different combinations this would result in — all I know is it must be an awful lot.

I was tempted to order the “works” plate — a platter offering a sample of every sauce on the menu, but figured I’d have to be rolled out after consuming such a thing. Instead I ordered a “pick two” combination with spaghetti and a meatball and fettuccine alfredo for $13.49.

The meal includes a trip to the salad bar, which is attractively set up in the bed of an ancient delivery truck. Ingredients are plentiful, and the crunch toppings like croutons are offered in big fish bowls.

My lunch arrived quickly with my choices in their own little bowls. The fettuccine alfredo was smooth and delightful. The spaghetti had a tasty, chunky tomato sauce and the accompanying meatball was firm and juicy. A buttery slice of garlic bread accompanied the meal.

A special mention goes out to my waitress, Katrena, who brought my check and returned with my change quickly without making me feel rushed. Just one more reason to go back again.

The Old Spaghetti Works
310 Court Ave.
Sun. – Thur.: 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Fri. – Sat.: 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

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