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Tasty pairing

Posted April 10, 2013 in Community Featured, Fort Dodge
Plates overflow with Chinese and American choices at Chef’s Kitchen.

Plates overflow with Chinese and American choices at Chef’s Kitchen.

We weren’t in the mood for just Chinese food. We weren’t in the mood for just American food.

We were in the mood for… well, chocolate and peanut butter for supper. Not really, of course — not that chocolate and peanut butter for supper wouldn’t be a great thing — we were simply in the mood for “two great tastes that taste great together.”

We found our great taste combination at Chef’s Kitchen, where the buffet overflows with both American and Chinese favorites. In other words, two great tastes that taste great together. Whenever we’re not sure what we want, or when everyone is in the mood for different things, this is a place to find something for everyone.

My plate on this particular evening featured a heaping mound of mashed potatoes and gravy — as good as any grandmother can make — sitting next to a serving of tender Chinese vegetables. Now that’s a great combination you can’t find too many places. And these days, when everyone wants something different, it’s very convenient to not be limited in choice.

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For our main course, my dining companion enjoyed some barbecued ribs, while I munched on Chinese honey chicken, and then a little wing of crispy fried chicken, Southern style. But I wasn’t the only one sampling both Chinese and American fare, as my dining companion also loaded up on all his favorite Chinese selections.

I also enjoyed a serving of fried rice, along with a homemade bun light enough to melt in your mouth. Across the table, my dining companion feasted on a huge serving of Chinese noodles and skipped the potatoes and rice.

Sadly, neither one of us left room for dessert on this particular night, as there are, again, plenty of wonderful choices.

We’re planning our next return trip for the Sunday morning breakfast buffet, where we trust the choices will be just as overwhelming.

Chef’s Kitchen
2510 Fifth Ave South
(515) 576-1179
Mon. – Sat.: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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