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Q: What are some ways to get active with my child?

Posted April 03, 2013 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: Spring is right around the corner, and it will finally be time for us to climb out of our winter holes and get moving again. Here are some tips on getting active with your children:
• Walk or bike to and from school with the kids as often as possible.
• Under supervision, encourage them to climb a tree or two.
• Do an activity challenge together, such as working towards a fun run or a walk for charity.
• Take the dog for a walk. If you don’t have one of your own, ask to borrow a neighbor’s or visit the local animal shelter.
• Support your kids in sports, clubs or any other activities that may interest them. Joining a weekend club sport ensures commitment to a team and regular exercise.
• Play Frisbee or catch in the park, or try indoor rock climbing.
• Central Iowa has several great trails; check them out and make up games along the way.

Fresh air and activity boosts spirits, encourages a healthy lifestyle and allows for bonding time. Don’t forget to have a conversation with your child during activities; you can facilitate development in multiple areas of their life in one afternoon.

Information provided by Dr. Stacy Carmichael, Pediatric Psychologist, ChildServe.

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