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Kids’ collections cover quarters

Posted April 03, 2013 in Community Featured, Urbandale
Nancy Conley stands between a rock and a hard place on getting rid of things — or between an organ and a soda machine.

Nancy Conley stands between a rock and a hard place on getting rid of things — or between an organ and a soda machine.

Walking into Nancy Conley’s garage, one can expect to find a myriad of different items that could tickle anyone interest.

Whether it’s the assortment of mountain bikes or the equally used camping gear, this is a garage that houses not only Conley’s own knickknacks but also those of her children. It seems that just because someone is interested in bringing new things home doesn’t mean they’ll be taking the items along when they decide to move out.

One particular item is an old electric organ that rests quietly in the middle of the room. Conley’s son is a musician who can pick up just about anything and play, but is currently playing bluegrass cello. It seems a friend’s granddad had this is his home and was looking to get rid of it, so Conley’s son was only too happy to take it off his hands.

“I think he said he planned on taking out the speakers and making an amp for his cello,” says Conley. “I don’t know, I think I’m becoming a hoarder… it’s hard not to think that way since that show came on.”

Unlike the organ, Conley and her husband attained the Pepsi machine that sits peacefully in the back of the garage. They purchased the refrigerator from their neighbor who owned Hay’s Trucking on East 14th St. back in 1975, and to this day it’s still in working order.

“We haven’t plugged it in in years, but when we did it worked just fine,” says Conley. “We used it as an extra refrigerator. I actually used to put milk in it when the kids were going through it by the gallons.”

The beautiful Pepsi machine still maintains the glow from its early years; you just have to peer past the dust. For a measly 10 cents, you could get yourself a nice bottle of refreshing soda.

“I’ve got to say, I think I’m more of a Diet Coke fan,” laughs Conley.

Though there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between the musical instrument and the soda machine, each means something special to Conley’s kids. And even though they don’t have the room right now, or haven’t got the time to move these items out of Conley’s garage, they are adamant about her not getting rid of them until they have the final say.

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