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Q: What is dental digital photography?

Posted March 20, 2013 in Advice Column, Windsor Heights

A: Dental digital photography provides the most immediate and effective method for visual communication. Dental digital photography can be used to evaluate restorations such as old fillings and crowns that need replaced, as well as show new findings of decay, etc. This tool is also shows any fracture lines on teeth. This allows any pending situations to be diagnosed sooner, preventing more major or serious consequences to occur.

Dental digital photography helps the dental team express the overall view of the structure and health of the teeth. It is a crucial component of the standard of care in documentation and diagnosis before dental treatment. It makes it easy for the patient to see the diagnosed treatment. The patient and dentist can observe and discuss any problems as they review the images, as they are 25 times the normal size.

Dental  photography makes understanding procedures and dental issues much simpler, which gives patients much more involvement in the “co-discovery” of issues. It’s use to aid in oral cancer screening is remarkable. The use of digital imaging is evolving very quickly in the field of dentistry.

Information from Dear Doctor magazine, provided by Dr. Dennis Winter, Iowa Dental Arts, P.C., 2901 Beaver Ave., 277-6657.

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