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Perfect pairing

Posted March 20, 2013 in Community Featured, Downtown
The crab rangoon pie at Fong’s Pizza.

The crab rangoon pie at Fong’s Pizza.

I was dismayed when a water main break closed Fong’s Pizza back in late November, and I rejoiced when it reopened in late January.

You see, I have heard tales from my younger, more adventurous friends that the Holy Grail of pizzas can be found at Fong’s. I speak of the crab rangoon pizza. I had only visited the restaurant once and neglected to try it. My dining companion and I decided it was time to go on a quest.

Remodeling from the water main break resulted in new paint, new upholstery on the booths and new flooring, but Fong’s has lost none of its hole-in-the-wall charm. Asian posters share wall space with pictures from The Simpsons. Slightly scary-looking mugs for exotic tikki drinks leer from behind the bar.

“And they’re playing ‘Tommy’ by The Who,” I heard another diner comment. “This is a great place!”

The menu includes appetizers, salads and sandwiches, but we were here for one thing, and one thing only — pizza. My dining companion ordered a small crab rangoon pizza on thin, white crust ($11.99), and I chose the Polynesian pizza on a hand-tossed wheat crust ($10.99). Promises were made to trade slices.

The Polynesian pizza was delicious. Canadian bacon, bacon and pineapple are always tasty together, but the sweet and spicy sauce blended with Fong’s house sauce boosted the flavor into the amazing category.

The crab rangoon pizza was everything I had hoped for and more. It was all there — the cream cheesy base, surimi and green onions. Bits of crisp egg roll strips and a drizzle of sweet chile sauce added the perfect finishing touch. Both pizza were topped with asiago and mozzarella cheese.

I’m coming back with my husband soon. I want one of those tikki drinks — and more pizza.

Fong’s Pizza
223 Fourth St. • 323-3333
Bar hours:
Sun. – Sat.: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Kitchen hours:
Sun. – Sat.: 11 a.m. – midnight
Lunch: Mon. – Fri.: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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