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Green thumb

Posted February 20, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Tara Dudley creates wreathes and floral arrangements in her garage.

Tara Dudley creates wreathes and floral arrangements in her garage.

What started as a hobby and an obsession in her own yard has turned into a year-round Windsor Heights landscaping business out of Tara Dudley’s garage.

Plant Life Designs, with a motto that encourages you to “Live Among Your Plants,” is an unlikely combination of residential landscaping design, wedding floral arrangements and Christmas wreathes.

“I’ve always had a passion for landscaping and working with plants and flowers,” says Dudley, who graduated from DMACC’s horticulture program in 2004.

With a garage full of all of the necessary tools to complete her business, including landscaping tools, wreath-maker and her newest addition, a floral cooler, Dudley has been preparing for the reemergence of “landscaping season” come March.

“I don’t know anyone else in town that does a combination like this,” Dudley remarks. “My wedding floral business simply came from people asking if I could do it and I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ It’s a fun change of pace when I’m not landscaping, and I still stick with simple, nature-inspired designs.”

Dudley took her business full-time in Windsor Heights in 2011 and is looking forward to keeping up the momentum in her own yard this coming spring.

 “The renovations that I’ve done to my yard kind of serve as a showcase of my work,” Dudley says. “I’ve taken out a bunch of scraggly scrubs and added a retaining wall and a curving pathway to my front door. Once I added that, I actually had someone drive past and wanted one just like it.”

Dudley explains her clients as those who want to revamp or create an outdoor living space with a design that is not only beautiful, but is also environmentally-conscious.

Gloria Olson, a neighbor of Dudley’s, has first-hand experience with some of her work.

“She’s very earthy, trendy and chic,” praised Olson, “Her designs are very high-end and affordable, and I absolutely love what she created in my yard.”

“People don’t realize how much useable space is in their backyard,” Dudley commented. “The ‘before-and-afters’ are always my favorite.”

For the future, Dudley plans to continue with the growth of Plant Life Designs, and touch new clients with her budding ideas.

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