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Shake hands, not fists

Posted February 13, 2013 in Community Featured, Des Moines West
Learn the art of non-violent communication at Unity Church of Des Moines.

Learn the art of non-violent communication at Unity Church of Des Moines.

As superheroes fly across movie screens and dish out justice according to their own moral and ethical codes, it’s hard for some to believe that doing nothing is more heroic than swinging a fist.

It’s important to stand up for yourself, but if you don’t consider the consequences of your actions, who knows what message you might be sending to more impressionable audiences?

Instead of fighting, why not try talking out a problem? Unity Church of Des Moines will host a Non-Violent Communications seminar on Wednesdays from 7 – 8:30 p.m. starting on Feb. 20. The class will meet four times, concluding on March 13 and will feature a variety of methods that can be used to counter violent communication.

The four-part process will help participants begin to learn how to easily resolve conflicts, accomplish what they need without using demands, begin hearing the needs of others with less hesitation and strengthen their personal and professional relationships.

“At each night of class, we will spend some time learning the model and more time practicing listening and giving and receiving empathy as well as learning to communicate with the four-part process,” says Rev. Cynthia Leveque of Unity Church.“When we use that model the goal is to listen with mindfulness and really get at the core of what the other person is feeling and needing.”

This particular class is great for many because it is designed for beginners to the process. If you agree with this communication model — designed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D — and would like to continue it further, there are continuing practice groups that meet weekly.

The New Testament teaches of non-violence and turning the other cheek; Unity Church of Des Moines is offering anyone who is interested the means to put this teaching into action. Rev. Cynthia Leveque and Linda Kruger will lead the classes. Refreshments will be available. The cost is $40 for four weeks. Scholarships are available. Call 515-782-9612 for more information or email dsm.NVCpracticegroup@yahoo.com; also check out the Center for Non-Violent Communication website www.cnvc.org.

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