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Q: I’ve decided to take up walking, but some mornings I just can’t seem to get out the door. Is there a solution?

Posted February 13, 2013 in Advice Column, Des Moines West

A: You’re on the right track. Regular walking, a favorite exercise for seniors, is one of the most effective forms of activity that delivers substantial health benefits and improves heart health, the American Heart Association(AHA) has said. The latest addition to the AHA’s tools for persuading people to exercise is walking clubs, which are being formed across the United States.

Walking is easy to start and continue, and has the lowest dropout rate of any physical activity. By joining or forming a walking club, participants can connect with others who share their goals, lifestyles, schedules and hobbies — and do it for free. An AHA study revealed that American adults are 76 percent more likely to take a walk if another person is counting on them. The AHA’s recommended level of moderate aerobic exercise is 150 minutes per week. Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day will improve circulation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and promote weight loss.

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