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Mick’s man cave

Posted February 13, 2013 in Community Featured, Norwalk
This look-alike lamp was created by Mick Albert’s mother before he was born.

This look-alike lamp was created by Mick Albert’s mother before he was born.

Walking into Mick Albert’s garage is like walking into the ultimate man cave. Albert kindly offers you every beverage under the sun and a Swisher Sweet as you marvel at his relics, of which there are many.

The garage is complete with man cave essentials like a fully stocked fridge of liquor and beer, a nice, new flat screen television, plenty of seating with a table and a couch and endless decorative knick-knacks. But no true man cave is complete without man’s best friend by his side, and Albert’s 3-year-old vizsla, Zeke, fills that role as he excitedly greets you.

Most noticeable of these knick-knacks is the lamp finely crafted to look like a fisherman’s head. At first glance it looks like any old, weathered fisherman, but upon closer inspection it looks exactly like Albert. So much like him, in fact, that one would guess Albert posed for an accomplished artist for hours and days on end to get it just right. As it turns out, that artist is Albert’s mother, who made the clay lamp before he was even born, making the resemblance even more inexplicable.

This is just the centerpiece of Albert’s memorabilia. One wall is covered in old pictures; there are the typical family photos as well as fun vacation photos from fishing trips and jaunts to Mexico, where on one particularly eventful trip Albert and company found themselves in a standoff in Belize with officials armed with machine guns. The rest of the details are a matter of national security and cannot be disclosed, he says. Another interesting item is Mick’s emergency supply of snake antivenom, which is from when he was a soldier stationed in Oklahoma City before being sent to Vietnam. He and his comrades used to hunt and eat rattlesnakes there in their downtime, making the antivenom a must on these outings. Like many soldiers who served in Vietnam, Mick has great artifacts from his time there, too, like a genuine rice hat and dog tags.

Some say you can tell a lot about a man by his clothes, but in Albert’s case, it’s his garage. It’s a look into history and his life, so much more the average garage with cars and lawnmowers.

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