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The couch

Posted February 06, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston
Sarah Blume kicks back on her favorite unused couch.

Sarah Blume kicks back on her favorite unused couch.

When Jack Benny was presented with the demand, “Your money or your life!” there was always the pause before the gag line of “I’m thinking it over.” Given the choice of what to store and what to toss, keeping this couch wins hands down over everything else.

It’s not common for a young woman out of college to have furniture that is mistaken for her parent’s property. This is made even more true when one considers that most first home or apartment furnishings tend to be hand-me-downs.

“It’s the one piece of furniture that’s actually mine,” says Sarah Blume.

Given to her by her ex-boyfriend’s parents, Blume was first introduced to the sofa that would see only one month’s use in four years time. The impressive leather couch that measures roughly 12’ wide and 4’ feet deep would be better suited as the focal point of a earth-toned communal room instead of huddling under blankets in the garage corner.

“After my ex and I broke up, I asked his parents if they’d like their couch back,” says Blume. “It’s such a nice sofa that I thought it might be weird if I kept it after the split, but they said it was a gift. I can’t say I argued too hard against their decision.”

But how does a couch that’s in near-perfect condition with zero stains get reduced to a month’s use in four years time?

“I moved to Iowa City and was about to start school, but after the first few days I knew this wasn’t what I wanted to be doing,” Blume says. “I lived in that apartment for one month, and then the couch moved back to my parent’s home and made the rounds between basement and garage for a bit.”

When life brought Blume to Iowa City once again for school, the apartment she lived in already had a couch provided, so she left hers at home.

“Just when I thought I might actually get to use this thing, sure enough, I didn’t even need it,” says Blume.

Blume has no intention to give up her couch and hopes the next place she moves will accommodate the furniture. Until then, the couch quietly rests in the garage waiting for another opportunity to feel the warmth of the sun breaking through a living room window.

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