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Q: How can I keep my brain sharp as I age?

Posted February 06, 2013 in Advice Column, Clear Lake

A: Ever have a moment when you can’t recall a familiar name or forget why you entered a room? All of us at a certain age have had a “senior moment.” Here are five easy ways to help keep your mind sharp.

• Check vitamin deficiency. Older adults don’t always get the nutrients they need from food due to medications and declines in digestive acids. That can effect brain vitality, particularly a lack of B12.

• Relax. When you are relaxed it helps boost brain function. Also, your brain is able to remember information quicker and in more detail.

• Eat blueberries. They contain a compound called anthocyanins which helps boost communication between brain cells and help improve memory.

• Make plans. Studies have shown that people who regularly make future plans slash their risk of Alzheimer’s in half. It can be as simple as a weekly coffee date with a friend.

• Learn something new. Keep your brain stimulated and forming new communications cells by learning something new. Learn a new fact or word every day or take up a new hobby. This will help ward off the effects of mental aging and keep the brain sharp.

Information provided by Holly Windelow, co-owner, Help At Home Senior Care LLC, 141 N. Clark St., Clear Lake, 641-525-0332,,

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