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Meet Carrie Green

Posted February 06, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured
Carrie Green is an associate at DeSoto Intermediate School.

Carrie Green is an associate at DeSoto Intermediate School.

Carrie Green grew up with a desire to be a librarian in order to facilitate children’s learning. Being an associate at the DeSoto Intermediate School has made it possible for her to impact ADM youth in this way.

Green grew up and attended college in a small town in Oklahoma. Once her own children reached school age, she was always happy to help out in their classrooms. Eventually she started to substitute as an associate at their school. When the family moved to Adel, she was hired at Adel Elementary. Green transferred to Minburn Elementary for one of her students, then transferred to the DeSoto building after the Minburn facility closed.

Green describes her typical day as a busy one. She is one of the first people at the school in the morning and one of the last to leave. However, that doesn’t bother her in the slightest.

“I love being the first school person they see in the morning and the last one of the day,” Green says. The rest of her day is spent in Margaret Crane’s classrooms as a Level 3 Special Ed para-educator.

Green says she loves when her job challenges her and especially enjoys when she gets to see the “light bulb moments” of the students she works with. In Crane’s classroom she works one on one with a single student, but she does so much more for the class. She not only cares about the students’ learning but also them as people. Crane says “she [Green] works above and beyond her job description to come up with resources to help her student succeed. She is very observant and helps all students in the room when they are struggling.”

Last March, Green received the ADM Honoring Excellence Award from Superintendent Dufoe and the school board. Green says this honor was very rewarding.  She was grateful to be recognized in this way by her co-workers and have her family and friends present with her.

In her free time, Green enjoys crafting and spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband, Mark, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary this past October, and they have two kids, Michael and Ashley. Michael is in his second year of college, and Ashley is a sophomore at ADM High School. The Greens have two pets — a Chihuahua named JJ and a spoiled hamster named CoCo.

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