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Luxuries of home

Posted February 06, 2013 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Carolyn Thada enjoys the convenience of a home gym.

Carolyn Thada enjoys the convenience of a home gym.

Dennis and Carolyn Thada have never really been the type to sit around much. Their professions wouldn’t allow it, even if they had been so inclined.

For decades, Dennis rose early every morning to deliver milk, while Carolyn was always on her feet, hefting dinner plates and baskets of those delectable onion rings as a waitress at The Ritz for 21 years.

“I loved being around the people, but I don’t miss the hard work,” Carolyn says of her years at The Ritz, which may be gone but is still beloved in the hearts of long-time Clear Lakers.

Now retired, the Thadas remain as active as they were in their working years, perhaps even more so. The couple walks every day, even in winter, and works out frequently in their spacious home gym.

A large portion of the couple’s basement is dedicated to the gym. Here they can walk on a treadmill, work up a sweat with a torso track, ride an exercise bike or elliptical, lift free weights or simply stretch and move.

“I think it’s important to keep moving,” Carolyn says.

The equipment in the Thadas’ home gym is a blend of Christmas presents to each other over the years and even some pieces handed down by friends who were no longer using them. They also painted and put down flooring to make the gym more complete and a truly inviting place to spend time.

While some people enjoy going out to a gym and find it helpful to work out in a group, this couple prefers the convenience of being able to work out at home whenever they choose. The quiet and serenity of a home gym is an added plus.

“When I’m exercising, that’s what I want to concentrate on; I don’t want to socialize, but I do read a book or watch TV,” Carolyn says.

But this couple also enjoys getting out in the community together, and that’s when they hit the streets. The couple walks about three miles nearly every morning. It has to be very cold, very snowy or very icy to keep them inside.

“It’s just really refreshing,” Carolyn says of their morning walks.

The long walks also give the couple time to be together, quietly enjoying whatever scene natures unfolds for them from day to day.

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