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A Hidden Service of the Local Public Library and Why the Library Should Stay Local

Posted February 06, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

Karla headshotAt Book Discussion last evening, after discussing the book, several of us stick around and discuss whatever else we need to talk about.  Some of us have been coming to this book discussion group for many many years and have become solid friends.

I was asking for input about our small library situation and discussing what we were working on to improve the current library settings, and the conversation rolled over to the ‘cloud’ and virtual libraries and this subject came up while talking about the local newspaper and to save money, this patron had to cut out
the printed version on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  How the subject rolled over to this, I am not sure, but all of us being well over 50, we were laughing about how for some of us living alone,  no one would know if we had fallen or had hurt ourselves, or even died until possibly a week or more may go by!

With everything converting to e-mail and digitization, the mailman would never know if you are not picking up your mail as much has switched over to junk e-mails, the newspaper delivery person will not know if your papers are mounting up, and your librarian will not know if you are not coming in if you start to read eBooks!

In my 23 years at this public library, this situation has come up.  One elderly lady would come in every  Wednesday like clockwork.  When she did not come in one Wednesday, we became concerned and called her home…  no answer.

I actually went to her apartment, knocked and received no answer, I called the landlady, she came right over and with shaking hands, she checked the apartment and found no one there.  She called the son and he apologized and informed her she was in the hospital and had forgotten to let her know this time (it had happened before.)

We were very glad all was okay, yes, we probably should have informed the police and will from here on out!!!

So keep an eye on your neighbor of all ages, if something seems amiss, make a call, keep reading print books, and join your local library book club!

Another service of your local public library!

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