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Posted January 29, 2013 in Community Blogs, Greene County

On Tuesday, January 29th the Greene County High School will begin their Google Chromebook Pilot Project.  Teachers at the high school in the areas of English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science will be sharing three mobile carts with twenty-five Google Chromebooks on each cart.  The goal of the pilot project is to look at how we can change teaching/learning.

Specific goals of the pilot project are:

  • Increase in differentiation of instruction/individualized student learning
  • Increase in collaboration (student to student, student to teacher)
  • More feedback and timely feedback for students
  • Increase in student creativity and problem solving
  • Advancement of literacy skills (reading and writing)

High school teachers involved in the project have visited the Pocahontas Area School to learn how they are making use of the Google Chromebooks they have for each of their students.  A trip will also be made to the Council Bluffs School District to observe how they are using Google Chromebooks.  Council Bluffs is in their second year of a one-to-one project with their high schools.

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