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Clive Approves New Economic Development Action Plan

Posted January 29, 2013 in Clive, Community Web Exclusives

On January 17 the Clive City Council approved a new Economic Development Action Plan for the City.  The Plan outlines the strategies, policies and actions the City will implement to encourage economic growth in Clive through the retention and expansion of existing businesses and creating the positive environment for commercial development in the community.

The five key strategies included in the plan are:

1) Encourage Existing Business Retention & Expansion

2) Assemble Critical Development Information

3) Develop Partnerships and Key Relationships

4) Provide Financial Assistance and Development Options

5) Develop and Implement an External Marketing Program for Targeted Sectors

Through implementation of these strategies the City hopes to increase Clive’s commercial and industrial tax base and provide high quality jobs to Clive residents.

A copy of the approved Clive Economic Development Action Plan is available on the City’s website at and click on “Economic Development”.

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