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Posted January 23, 2013 in Advice Column, Boone

Today’s world has so many shortcuts and abbreviations — abbreviations like “lol” for laugh out loud, “rofl” for rolling on the floor laughing, smiley faces and emoticons so a person doesn’t have to spell out the words are common.

In the solid waste industry we have abbreviations, too. Many of our customers are confused when we use them. To help clear things up, here are some examples:

C&D: Construction and demolition waste.

MSW: Municipal solid waste. MSW refers to the garbage collected through community sanitation services; regular household garbage.

RCRA: Resource Con-servation and Recovery Act. The RCRA was enacted by Congress in 1976. RCRA’s primary goals are to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal, to conserve energy and natural resources, to reduce the amount of waste generated and to ensure that wastes are managed in an environmentally sound manner.

HHM: Household hazardous materials. HHMs are products with at least one of the following characteristics: Reactive, corrosive, toxic or flammable.

RCCs: Regional Collection Center. RCCs are permanent collection facilities designed to assist the public and conditionally exempt small quantity generator (CESQG) businesses with proper management and disposal of household hazardous materials. RCC programs allow households and businesses to safely manage hazardous materials they may have, minimizing the product’s impact on the environment and improving the health and safety of homes and businesses.

SWA: Special waste authorization. Landfill disposal of nonhazardous industrial process waste is regulated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). An SWA application form provides the IDNR with information on the quantity and quality of waste requiring disposal.

The BCL (Boone County Landfill) runs the BCRC (Boone County Recycling Center) and KBCB (Keep Boone County Beautiful). The landfill is regulated and permitted by the IDNR.

KBCB (Keep Boone County Beautiful) is a member of KIB (Keep Iowa Beautiful) which is a member of KAB (Keep America Beautiful).

Shortcuts should not, however, be taken for the proper disposal of your garbage. Don’t take a shortcut and throw your garbage out the car window. Wait until the next chance you have to get to a garbage can to get rid of it. Don’t take a shortcut and throw away papers, cans, boxes and glass that could be recycled. Take a few minutes and put them in your recycling bin. The Recycling Center is open 24/7.

Taking shortcuts works for some things in this life, but not when it comes to taking care of our environment.

(Some definitions were taken from EPA and IDNR websites.)

Information provided by Lois A. Powers, Keep Boone County Beautiful coordinator.

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