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Classy and Creative

Posted January 23, 2013 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Chris and Joan Conrad on Greenwood Avenue.

Chris and Joan Conrad on Greenwood Avenue.

The sixteen-and-a-half-foot, brick, cathedral-like entryway is eye-catching at the Chris and Joan Conrad home. And it’s just one of the reasons they purchased this house.

“I loved the thought of the kids having fun dropping things from the upstairs balcony,” laughs Joan. “This home is definitely a kid-friendly home.”

The living room is open with large windows that reveal the perfect sledding hill in the backyard. The kitchen is close enough that the chef of the house can be involved in family conversation. There is a comfortable couch, as well as the classy chairs from Joan’s parents, which she cherishes.

Joan’s innate ability and college study of architectural interior design is evident in this home. The paint colors are meticulously matched. The art around the entire house is children’s finger paintings from kindergarten and pencil drawings from her grandpa, all creatively matted and framed for preservation.

The bookshelves on either side of the living room fireplace are adorned with family memories including a photo of Joan’s late father and her newborn daughter, interesting antiques and more imaginative artwork illustrated by her children.

The children’s rooms are large, multi-colored and fun. Seth’s room is boldly painted in Green Bay Packers hues. Strewn about are Star Wars statues, an original leather bean bag and, from his mother, of course, his first baby tooth… creatively matted and framed for preservation. Tess’s room is cute with kitties, flowers and sheer purple curtains. Clearly, childhood is paramount in this home.

The bathrooms are perfectly sponge painted and equipped with classy, unique fixtures and mirrors.

A periwinkle stairway leads you to the basement. A fascinating display of tossed leaves forces a second glance. This passion of Joan’s is creatively matted and framed for preservation.065

“Most of all, we love this house because it’s a home for our children,” she says. “Much like our neighbors we, too, are house proud.”

As you leave this warmly decorated home filled with endless creativity, classy colors and beautiful family memories, you are sure to run smack-dab into a black spider that has been carefully colored, cut and taped. It boldly hangs on yarn from the upstairs balcony. It’s been there since Halloween, another example of young creativity.

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