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Utility Bill Scams in Iowa

Posted January 21, 2013 in Community Blogs, Clive

Several different utility scams have surfaced this past year and the prospect for further scams looms large. These scams use telephone, electronic and in-person methods to obtain money and/or personal information from utility customers. Some Iowans lost several hundred dollars each when a scam caller advised them they owed back utility payments and threatened to disconnect water service unless paid. Other customers were scammed by phone by someone who asked for their personal information, such as bank account numbers and Social Security numbers so that they could receive a (bogus) credit on their utility bill.

Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, offers advice to utility customers to stop these scams, including hanging up on anyone who calls unannounced demanding payment or personal information. Never allow anyone into your home for an unannounced visit, and never provide personal information to an unsolicited caller or unannounced visitor.

The Clive Utility Department corresponds with our customers primarily by mail service. Some phone calls are made if necessary. If in doubt about a phone call or in-person contact, please call the Clive Police Department at 278-1312. If you have questions regarding your utility billing, please call Lynnette or Barb at the Clive Utility Department at 867-5199.

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