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Sampson Room Project at Fuller Hall Nearly Completed

Posted January 17, 2013 in Community Blogs

The past fall and early winter the Sampson Room and west wing of Fuller Hall has been under construction.  We are anticipating to have the project completed within the next two weeks.  Listed below are highlights of the project:

►New open kitchen that is attached with huge serving counter island.

►Meeting room that seats 48 persons.

►New tables and chairs that are extremely comfortable.

►Large screen television that is connected to cable, internet, and is able to display items from a lap top computer.

►New storage closets.

►New entrance that can be exclusive to groups renting the Sampson Room

As many of you know, the Sampson room is a multi-purpose room that is used both for Fuller Hall programs and available for rent to the public.  Examples of this room being used include:  birthday parties, family gatherings, public and private meetings, tae kwon do classes, Shotokan karate classes, and yoga classes.  The Sampson Room is available by appointment and can be used anytime Fuller Hall is open.

I would be happy to give a tour to anybody interested in renting the Sampson Room.  Please contact me at 832-9193.  Have a great week.


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