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Karla’s Korner

Posted January 16, 2013 in Community Blogs, Grimes

Karla headshotWhen you cannot raise enough money to meet your fundraising goal, and you wish you had more space to increase programming, what do you do? Also, what do you do when you look at the present state of the economy and wonder if is it right to ask your citizens to pay more taxes to support a bond issue?  Would the City Council even be able to approve it?  That is a dilemma our Board of Trustees and Staff are dealing with at the Grimes Public Library.

We would like to provide increased services and programs, but space problems present a problem. We are investigating the possibilities of freshening up the inside (paint and carpet) and look at  what can be done to better organize our present space.

We have been paying careful attention to library trends  and what the future may be bringing about pertaining to the various sources of media and online databases.

We are increasing our virtual presence in the community, looking to offer more online services to an increasingly busy society.  Starting as soon as the paperwork has been processed is the offering of Zinio, and online periodical database.  A list of the subscriptions will be coming soon that you will be able to view online on your computer, smart phone, and tablet.

We are a member of the WILBOR Consortium, working with many other libraries to offer audio and e-books to the point of you only have to come to the library to get a card and keep it updated.

We also offer the WILBOR Advantage program, an Overdrive service of e-books only offered to our taxpaying citizens to increase their checkout opportunities.

Public libraries are one of the gem services a community can offer.  Here at the Grimes Public Library we have had more than 92.000 visits to the library in the past 12 months.  That equates to every citizen of Grimes entering the library once a month.

Well, I could rattle on quite a bit more about library services and how great we are, but I would hope that this will encourage those of you who have driven past the library to stop in and see what it is you may be missing out on!  If you are sparse on available time, visit our web site and join in our virtual library online.  Do you have children, look at our 3 Tumblebook Library databases.  No long in needed, just click and enjoy.  Everything from books read to your child to awesome National Geographic documentaries.  All for a click on our web page at

Also, the State Library of Iowa has finally been able to provide us with LEARNING EXPRESS.  Again, visit the web page for more information on this.  It is an awesome assistance program for job seeking, improvement, and skill development!

While we still need space in our library as we still all need social bonding, we are also paying attention to, again, what is trending in our society, what our community needs, what it requires, and what it wants!  Stop by the web page or the physical library and always ‘CHECK THINGS OUT’!

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