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Just her size

Posted January 16, 2013 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Cindy Skeie and her two dogs have a Colby Brick on 66th Street that’s just the right size for all of them.

Cindy Skeie and her two dogs have a Colby Brick on 66th Street that’s just the right size for all of them.

What is it about Windsor Heights’ Colby Brick homes that have homeowners (and visitors) feeling tucked-in, warm and friendly, yet dissimilar, individual and even nostalgic?

Is it the rounded entryways or the original hardwood floors? Is it the size of the bedrooms that leave most wondering how to fit in a queen-sized bed and a dresser? Or is it those one-car back-of-the-house garages? Surely, it’s not the ridiculously small kitchens? The size of those kitchens leave many women today wondering how women of the ’30s actually cooked and moved about in the tiny space.

For most Colby Brick lovers, the answer to all those questions is simply “Yes.”

Cindy Skeie’s Colby Brick at 1418 66th St. is no exception. In fact, the perfectly small size of this delightful home is the very reason she bought it.

“It’s just my size,” says Skeie. “Not too much and just enough to handle.”

Once you enter through the rounded entryway, you’re welcomed by a multitude of color, art and throw pillows. The soft orange above the fireplace pops. The plush red chair in the living room blends with the rounded antique rocking chair with a lime green pillow, making it a showroom of well-thought-out décor.

The purple dining room displays fun personal photos and a built-in china cabinet painted a darker purple. The table in this room is the perfect size. The windows bring in light that touches all walls.071

Not all this color was here when Skeie bought the house. Most of the original oak trim and walls were painted a light cream. She stripped the trim (and the registers and the baseboards) and worked very hard to get it back to a natural look. None of the light cream paint on the walls remains.

Through the tiny kitchen and down the stairs takes you to the basement… where one car used to park. This early 1930s home had that back-of-the-house garage. Skeie removed the garage door and most of the concrete and now has her personal studio where she houses her passion — photography.

The attic is the master bedroom. This space is just as creative as the rest. With hardwood floors, short swing doors to the closet and two skylights, it’s an intelligent remodel. The purples, cobalt blue, lime green and aqua colors make it a dreamy and fun space.

Skeie has loved living here for 20 years.

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