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Books for All

Posted January 09, 2013 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

Many parents believe that giving their child a book can be one of the most important things they can do as a parent. A book opens up a child’s world of possibilities and inspires a child to experience life in a way that other people or objects cannot.

For all of her seven years as a Callanan Middle School parent, Christine Comito has been collecting books to donate to the middle school’s annual book swap.

“Many of the kids don’t have a book to exchange out,” says Comito. “If they bring a book, they swap it; if they don’t have one they can use, there will be one there for them. That’s why I love doing this.”

Christine Comito has boxes full of books she has gathered for the Callanan Middle School book swap.

Christine Comito has boxes full of books she has gathered for the Callanan Middle School book swap.

Callanan Middle School has been doing its annual book swap for several years, each one opening up the minds of more and more students at the school.

“When I buy books for my kids, what do you do with them after they read them? I figure the best way to enjoy them is to swap them out for other books and give other kids a chance to read them as well,” Comito says.

She scours local book sales, such as the ones at Planned Parenthood or half-priced book stores to collect whatever she can find, which at one point filled 19 boxes in her garage.

“I load up the back of my car from the book sales, and it often fills my entire back seat,” Comito says. “I often get them all for free because I go when the sale is about over and everything else has been sold. I don’t necessarily get all of the popular books, like ‘The Hunger Games’ or books like that, but the ones that are left are always still worth reading.”

Though Comito has thoroughly enjoyed her time collecting and swapping books, she figures since this is her youngest son’s last year at Callanan, it is time to pass the torch.

“I have been collecting all the books I can for so many years, it has really built up,” explains Comito. “I now have eight boxes that I still plan on donating.”

To participate in the Callanan Middle School book swap, contact the school, located at 3010 Center St. or call 515-242-8101 for dates and information.

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