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A Reel Classic

Posted January 09, 2013 in Community Featured, West Des Moines
Bart Ross and his youngest son, 5-year-old Casey, are ready to roll out their reel mower this spring.

Bart Ross and his youngest son, 5-year-old Casey, are ready to roll out their reel mower this spring.

Winter tends to lead many people to think about the warm, green days ahead. Among them is Bart Ross of West Des Moines.

Last summer his wife and two sons bought him a 20-inch Scotts Classic Reel Mower for a combination birthday and Father’s Day gift. He enjoyed using it so much, he was quick to roll it out of his garage for this story.

“I was kind of joking when I said I wanted one. I have a compost bin where I recycle lawn clippings because I’m cheap and I don’t use chemicals,” he says. “I told my wife that I needed a reel mower so that I could go ‘green.’ So she bought it for me, and I love it.”

“Classic” is the best way to describe his reel lawn mower. It has no engine, so it does not require gasoline, oil, plugs or filters. It lacks a bag to catch grass clippings, but it does not pollute the environment with noise or toxic fumes. Its only maintenance is to have its blades sharpened every three years.

“Gas-powered lawn mowers pollute the air 10 times more than cars do,” Ross says. “I never liked the way gas-powered mowers smelled or sounded. With this one, you can mow your yard at any time of day and not bother anybody. It’s almost relaxing.”

Ross says during the spring and summer, he often wakes up at 6 a.m. to mow his lawn without anybody noticing. Well, almost anybody.

“It has been a conversation piece for the neighbors. They say, ‘I remember my dad had one of those,’ ” Ross says with a smile. “I mow the whole yard with it, but we don’t have a huge yard, so it’s reasonable. It takes about the same time to mow as it would with a gas mower.”

Ross says he was pleasantly surprised by how cleanly and evenly it cuts his grass. He also likes how his oldest son, Cole, is able to operate it without him worrying about his safety.

“It really is handy,” he says.

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