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Clear Lake Middle School Goes 1:1 with iPads

Posted January 08, 2013 in Community Blogs, Clear Lake

On Thursday, January 3, 2013 Clear Lake middle school students and families met for an evening Orientation about the opportunity for each student in the middle school to have an iPad to use in school and to take home every night. Principal, Dan Long reviewed the iPad Handbook that was developed to provide information about how to care for this tool, how to use, applications, cost of repairs, the technology device use acceptance forms and also a Student Pledge for iPad use.  Families could opt out of taking the device home if they wanted their son or daughter to just use this technology while at school.

What is the advantage to using 1 to 1 devices?  the iPad provides a unique opportunity to personalize learning in many content areas.  Access to review and provide additional materials based on skills developed or academic needs can be targeted through the use of specific applications and learning assignments.  Each device provided to our students was loaded with productivity tools that will allow the students to create media rich assignments at their level to demonstrate their depth of understanding of the subject matter.  Access to research tools and multiple media sources based on individual interest can also provide an instructional advantage for all students.  this tool can provide students access to explore content wherever they are.

The expectation for students is that they will have the iPad in school and in class each and every day. As with all educational resources, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and the implementation will be balanced and purposeful.  Our teachers are planning on having the students use their iPads as their “planners’, and to develop organizational and time management skills across curricular areas, as well as a part of the core instruction and learning.

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