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Plenty of Choices

Posted January 02, 2013 in Community Featured, Urbandale
An egg roll and a chicken wing accompanied lunch at Great China.

An egg roll and a chicken wing accompanied lunch at Great China.

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, my friend and I packed up our kids and headed out for lunch. We were looking for a nice, quiet location that was good for both adults and kids.

We walked in to Great China at prime lunch time and got a nice big table right away. Decorated with bright red and gold beads between the doorways, there is certainly a whimsical feel about this place.

As we got settled in, high chairs and all, we were immediately asked what we wanted to drink and able to look at the large menu. Perusing the many options, it took us a while to decide just what sounded good. Since each entrée comes with two appetizers and soup, I knew I wouldn’t go home hungry. No need for a starter this time.

When the waiter came by to take our orders, I made a split-second decision and ordered the chicken lo mein and egg drop soup. My friend also requested the egg drop soup with her sweet and sour chicken. Each entrée also came with rice, which we knew we could share with the kiddos if needed.

As we waited, the kids loved looking at the beads over the doors, and we chatted while we watched the restaurant fill up with friends and couples.

In what seemed like no time at all, our soup was served along with our appetizers. The appetizers consisted of an egg roll and a chicken wing. Both delicious and flavorful, we dug in and smothered them in sweet and sour sauce.

In perfect timing, our food was served on large, oval plates. There was a giant mound of rice covering one side of the plate and a huge serving of chicken lo mein on the other. My first bite was absolutely delicious. Big, juicy bites of chicken were nestled in perfectly cooked, flavorful noodles.

My friend’s chicken was covered in sauce and looked great. Her daughter even devoured some of her kid-approved entrée.

Full and happy, we paid our bills and packed up to go. The staff was enormously nice and waved goodbye and thanked us as we left.

Great for dates and meals with friends, Great China has a little something for everyone.

Great China
8569 Hickman Road
(515) 270-1688
Hours: tues-thurs: 11-9
Fri and Sat:11-10
Sun: 11:15-2:30
Monday: closed

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